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Today, I sat next to a White dude on the Airplane with whom I had an amazing conversation about life, family, children, politics, traveling and America. He was EDUCATED & CULTURED (at home and scholastically). He made me feel completely at ease to talk about any topics, and he was completely at ease to talk about any topics with me as well. I have some Caribbean roots and his family have some Indonesian ones via Europe. In the end, we shook hands earnestly and learned from each other as two proud Americans and even exchanged business information. It is IRONIC to me how I can get along with RANDOM White dudes while many of my own cannot get along with themselves UNLESS they are MARCHING, LOOTING or VOTING for often the WRONG GUY. We have some serious PTSD or psychological problems as BLACK MEN.

YESTERDAY, I had one threaten to kick my ass b/c of politics until I told him that he should continue to self-incriminate as I build an assault case against him. I fear no one, not even death as no one has power over me unless GOD so allows. But I talked to him just to let him know that his tough man approach is IDIOTIC. Be tough in business... be tough in protecting your neighborhood, and be tough in being in your children's lives.

BLACK WOMEN are kicking our asses achievements wise... Other non-White men are working their asses off (even while they are disenfranchised) while many of us are fighting one another, disrespecting one another, killing one another based on differences in beliefs, opinions, ideologies and quite frankly personality.

GROW UP BLACK MEN... hit the books, get educated... research... HELP YOUR COMMUNITY or ELSE one day as my AFROCENTRIC FRIEND PAUL used to say, you'll wake up not only mentally-enslaved but also physically ENSLAVED YET AGAIN!!!! And in the end, we'll have no one else BUT OURSELVES TO BLAME!

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