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TRUMP - Persecuted Hero or Prosecuted Villain?

Please allow me to start this article with the following A PROPOS ARISTOTLE ASSERTION... By the way, I am an UNORTHODOX WRITER... MY CAPS don't represent "yelling or screaming". I use them for mere emphasis. So, without further ado, enjoy the best article on TRUMP or American Politics that you will have ever read. Its focus is not on form/pontification or impressing the reader with FANCY WORDS (trust me I can do so since I am a wordsmith), but rather it is on SUBSTANCE. Thus, whether you like my style of writing or not, if you care about America or your intellectual integrity, READ ON!

"Then should the DECENT PEOPLE rule and have CONTROL of EVERYTHING? In that case, everyone else will necessarily be deprived of honors, since they are denied the honors of holding political office. For offices are positions of honor, we say, and when the same people always rule, the rest will necessarily be deprived of honor. THEN - is it better that the one who is most excellent should rule? But this is ever MORE OLIGARCHIC, since those deprived of honors are numerous."

"But perhaps someone might say that it is a bad thing in general for a human being rather than the law to be IN CONTROL, since at any rate he has the feelings that arise from the soul. BUT -- if LAW is oligarchic or democratic, what difference will it make where the puzzles we raised are concerned? For the things that puzzle us will in the end happen all the same."


This is the argument that the LEFT and some Republican defectors or political opportunists (like Chris Christie) seem to be making against TRUMP and unfortunately the more they make it the more OLIGARCHIC they sound because like TRUMP they are simply saying "I (my party), alone, can fix it". SO what makes them different from TRUMP? His other flaws? Please allow me to contextualize the TRUMP FLAWS below.

So, is Trump a Persecuted Hero or Prosecuted Villain?

Most people especially lawyers would quickly answer, IT DEPENDS on who you ask. And that would be correct, but does that in of itself establish the lack of CONFIRMATION BIAS among those who fall in either school of thought? I posit not.

A friend of his called him "The Most Persecuted Person in US History"... is that the truth? This article will analyze the latter in the context of whether or not Trump is for the most part a PERSECUTED HERO or a PROSECUTED VILLAIN. In a nutshell, the goal is to find out which side predominates.

Personally, I stared studying DONALD J. TRUMP since I was a young engineering student in New York City, while I worked as a messenger in Manhattan. In those days, Trump was younger than I am now, and was known for his flamboyance, good looks, real estate deals as the King of Real estate, a fair but super micromanager who would fire his staff members mercilessly, yet treated them well until he said "YOU'RE FIRED" exactly the way he would ON THE APPRENTICE (the TV Series that he ran.) He had his hand in EVERYTHING (e.g., boxing, pageantries like Miss Universe, expensive alcohols, resorts, gambling etc.) He was the American playboy and Many of Today's Rappers who own their own lines followed in his footsets. He was the classy thug who took on tough politicians that despised him yet got them to do things that they would not have done for their best friends... he was poised, would outwork anyone else and never apologizes as he learned not to do from his mentors. YOu guess is, he still never apologizes, likes to do everything in a "BIG, WINNING and FASCINATING WAY" (i.e., BIG BUILDINGS, BIG CROWDS, BIG PROJECTS). And YES that is his view for America and still does not believe in a apologizing and does not thing America should be apologizing to anyone like the LEFT has been doing.

Everyone who is as driven as he is must have some insecurities. I mean, most immigrants are over achievers because they feel the need to prove themselves and the latter is based on some level of insecurities as well. TRUMP did go to boarding school at a young age for behavioral issues and perhaps decided that the only way to overcome this shortcoming is by spending the rest of his life proving that he is A WINNER and not a LOSER. And as you can tell, he has never ACCEPTED losing 2020 election because he will never see himself as a LOSER in anything. He is always a CIRCUMVENTER and not a LOSER... HE ONLY WINS by any means necessary... and has perfected the art of "I THINK THEREFORE I AM." In his head, if he does not believe he ever lost, then he's never lost. Insolvency is not a loss, but an failed attempt for which bankruptcy was created to foster a big RESET and then ON to the next project.

So CEARLY - Trump is no saint... but I am not sure you can call him a VILLAIN either but many will because of his ANTICS and MENTALITY or seeming lack of EMPATHY which quite frankly most SURGEONS have to have psychopaths have to have to function properly.

Nevertheless, for starters, TRUMP DOES TALK TOO MUCH. I mean the guy simply has said more unnecessary things (many of which are self-damaging) in 4 years than all previous 5 presidents combined...

As a 10-year old my father REVEREND PIERRE LORINS taught me the following verse:

"Those who talk a lot are likely to sin. But those who control their tongues are wise." - PROVERBS 10 v. 19

And because TRUMP has consistently failed to control his tongue, he has SINNED a lot more than other Presidents and despite being a HERO to so many for his bravery in saying things that no one ever thought anyone would ever say, as a result he become imprudent or to be candid UNWISE with his choice of words especially while holding the World's top post. The LATTER I must disagree with Mr. Trump on. No excuses. He did not have to insult as many people as he did or create as many enemies as he did, and had he not created so many enemies, he would have won the second term in a landslide because BIDEN was the weakest POTUS I have ever seen in my lifetime and the reason why TRUMP did not accept defeat is because he could not accept losing to a guy like Biden. I'm sure it hurt a lot.

However, did the latter prevent him from being A HERO for so many, of course not. And on the other hand, did it induce to many to see him as a VILLAIN, you'd better believer it. Thus, it depends on who you ask. In the eyes of a TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTER he really can do no harm. Whereas, in the eyes of a Trump Hater, he really hasn't done anything right at all. Of course, both sides are wrong and severely affected by CONFIRMATION BIAS issues.

But, please allow me to put my INTELLECTUAL or COGNITIVE ELITE HAT to become as a OBJECTIVE as one can be under the circumstances.

TRUMP as a Potential HERO

> Has been the voice of so many who felt voiceless in what they view as a political leftists that have made a mockery about America's Judeo-Christian society, and the family-unit only to pursue their own control, and agenda including their own electability;

> Had threatened to DRAIN the Political Swamp in Washington or dismantle the Deep State and undoubtedly there are repercussion for his bravery;

> Has said things to the Left and traditional politicians that no one else could have without suffering immediate repercussions including losing even the first election;

> Has dismantled or delegitimized American political dynasties including the Bushes, the Clintons, John McCain, fellow republicans and even Barrack Obama. The latter was particulary frustated by Trump's attempt to prove that Obama was not a US Citizen something that induced most Obama ardent supporters to despite Mr. Trump;

> Has induced those who formerly hated democrats to become friends of Democrats under the tenet of "THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND"... thus needless to say, MANY POWERFUL PEOPLE in these categories, UNDOUBTEDLY, have conspired to systematically destroy Mr. Trump's political career and the SECOND LAW that my late amazing FATHER taught me was:

As a 10-year old, my late Father, Reverend Lorins also taught me the following verse:

"For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned." - MATTHEW 12:37

TRUMP as a Potential VILLAIN

If Trump is a VILLAIN it would be ONLY because he:

> 'TALKS TOO MUCH and thus SINS too MUCH'(as biblically referenced above); and

> Is being PROSECUTED/CONDEMNED by his "VERBAL NON-VERBAL ASSERTIONS/WORDS" (as Biblically asserted below).


> Is God allowing Trump to be persecuted because of those sins? OR

> Is God using those sins to help catapult Trump to either a GOP Nomination or re-election especially if it can be proven that HE IS MORE OF A PERSECUTED HERO than he is a PROSECUTED VILLAIN?

Let's PONDER a bit on the TRUMP FILE... in short, let us look at the number of things that have happened with President Trump ever since he became the 45th POTUS:

1) Impeachment#1

2) Impeachment#2

3) Stormy Daniels Case

4) Rape Case (compare that a dead woman being found on Senator Kennedy's compound)

5) Criminal Prosecution of the Trump Organization

6) Insurrection Prosecutions

7) Indictement#1 over Tax Matters

8) Indictment #2 over Classified Documents (Compared that with Hillary Clinton's mishandling of her emails)

9) Other Indictments or

10) Potential Indictments.

If you ADD UP the above, it absolutely rises to the level of ELECTION INTERFERENCE and akin to things that have happened in many developing countries. Any educated mind should realize that it's CONSPIRACY in nature or at least POLITCAL LYNCHING MOTIVATED. IN LIFE AS IN LOVE *TIMING* is EVERYTHING!

It is not WHAT (i.e., the charges that) they are bringing against the FORMER PRESIDENT that is the issue, rather it is THE TIMING that seems SUSPECT on its FACE or at the very least PRETEXTUAL.

While everyone should have the right to be LET ALONE, no one should go out of their way to INDOCTRINATE OTHERS about their SEXUAL ORIENTATION. An argument can be made that in an effort to teach tolerance for individuals in the LGBTQ+ communities, JUDEO-CHRISTIAN values have been subordinated or deferential to the agenda of many in the LEFT to nearly make heterosexuals feel guilty if they question the intent of anyone in LGTBQ+ community. After all they are human beings too and they can err or over assert or even rape just like heterosexuals can. The left has even gone as far to advocating for transgenders' us of bathroom with people that were of a different sex prior to them changing their sexual orientation or playing as the opposite sex (e.g., a man) which would given them an unfair advantage over female players which tend to be less physically dominant.

Accordingly, many on the RIGHT has labelled such ideas from the left as "SUPER WOKE" and see them as ATTACK on AMERICAN JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES which has long seen a marriage as one that should happen between two people who can PROCREATE. I will not argue like those on the far right that gays should not have a right to legal partnerships, however, I don't think it should be advertised or promoted as the norm. Such actions by the LEFT has been seen as INDOCTRINATION including others that seem to create utter divisions between:

- Straight vs. LGBTQ+ People

- Police Defunders and Their Opponents

- Sex-Centered society as the Norm

- Demonization of existing American values as BACKWARDS to adopt what many on the Right see as "SUPER WOKE" or even DERANGED IDEOLOGIES

People like TRUMP and DESANTIS (Florida Governor), whether viewed as racist or not, seemed to have been the RARE BRAVE ONES who made their positions clear on such issues and have stood up against what's viewed as the LEFT's SUPERWOKE or DELUSIONAL AGENDA.


> Trump is still the leading Republican Candidate;

> DeSantis won his second term after the last Florida Gubernatorial Election by a landslide.

I don't always agree with both Trump and DeSantis, but at least they don't FLIP FLOP like other politicians whose focuses seem to be ONLY ON VOTES. Perhaps TRUMP should have learned from them by only saying only the things that people wanted to hear and once elected FLIP FLOP like they all have done!


Hillary Clinton's Classified Emails were found in her private email in box while Trump's Classified Docs were found in his Private Home. What happened to Hillary Emails?

Why was she not prosecuted? Why is Trump being Prosecuted/Persecuted?

1) Is she too connected?

2) Was her heart too broken when Obama failed to transfer power to her when she lost to Trump, warranting automatic protection by those that empathized with her loss?

3) Was she owed favors? OR

3) Is she simply part the the DEEP STATE (i.e., a type of governance made up of potentially secret and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state's political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals)?

HILLARY'S LOSS is something for which the DEMS can never forgive TRUMP... You see, Hillary was destined to win... I believe she was even PROMISED BY OBAMA that she'd win. After all, Obama had said that "TRUMP WOULD NEVER BECOME POTUS"!

Can you imagine how angry Obama was to realize that he was DEAD WRONG? Even someone with half brain can guess the secret meetings that took place among TRUMP's DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN ENEMIES who all became friends to CONSPIRE TO DESTROY him under the tenet of "The Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend!"

The reality is that TRUMP will always be a HERO TO SOME all while being a VILLAIN TO OTHERS.

Despite the mishaps of January 6 (a/k/a the insurrection), his MAGA movement will be remembered as one of the most unforgettable events of American History. Proving that even Americans can rise against their government if they perceive their government as being UNJUST whether they are RIGHT or WRONG. Of course, it it was a SAD DAY in American History, but it as a predictable one. And I believe it was allowed to happen as an ATTEMPT to further DIRTY UP Mr. Trump later.

Recently, Mr. Trump made the following remarks in Waukesha, Wisconsin as he stood behind a podium emblazoned with the words “Save America.”

‘We are standing up against some of the most menacing forces, entrenched interests, and vicious opponents our people have ever seen,’ Mr. Trump said. ‘A friend of mine recently said that I was the most persecuted person in the history of our country. When I thought about it, I actually felt that he may very well be right.’


Think about it. I know Trump probably should have complied or flat out mishandled the classified docs, BUT, IF they can RAID the house of a FORMER PRESIDENT, imagine what they'd do to my house or yours.


By Kenneth Warren, Ph.D., Associate Director, SLU/YouGov Poll


After eight years, Americans seemed to have made up their mind about former President Donald Trump. And it appears that not even a federal indictment will sway them. According to polls conducted before and after Trump’s indictment, Trump’s support levels in both the primary and general election appear not to have budged, and that is even though a large majority of Americans do perceive such charges as serious.

In the Republican primary, TRUMP is currently at 53.5 percent support, according to FiveThirtyEight’s national polling average. In other words, little has changed from the day before the indictment, when he was sitting at 53.8 percent.


- Persecuted by his political enemies

- They are trying to stop him by any means necessary

- He has frustrated too many powerful families in both parties (i.e., Bush, Obama, Biden, Pence, McCain, DeSantis, Pelosi etc.) who more likely than not conspired to lynch him politically since America does not ASSASSINATE presidents or presidential candidates as had it been like it used to be in the old days (i.e., 1960's) BOTH TRUMP and OBAMA would have been shot either before or after they were elected for different reasons. Modernly, it's more about "CANCEL CULTURE" and "POLITICAL LYNCHING" or "CHARACTER ASSASSINATION". Unfortunately for the LEFT, they picked a formidable FOE and it will backfire on them.


Many that fall under this school-of-thought will see him as someone who is a VILLAIN, VAIN, STUPID, RACIST etc.?

But Trump's actions would perhaps indicated otherwise as he has probably helped more Blacks and Latinos than the previous three presidents combined (including Obama). In fact, one of his employees that I met recently told me that he gives FREE HEALTH CARE to all his employees.

So, a MORE RELEVANT QUESTION would be as follows:

Is he prosecuted because he really egregiously broke the laws or is the prosecution a PRETEXTUAL PERSECUTION meant to SILENCE HIM. Those that support Trump will go with the former, whereas those that despite him will for with the latter.

HOWEVER - whether you like TRUMP OR NOT, the barrage of attacks on him should be SUSPISCIOUS... had he been a BLACK MAN it would have been IMMEDIATELY SUSPECT... it is too coincidental, serendipitous and timely... It has all the vibes of a GENIUSLY ORCHESTRATED and POWERFUL-PEOPLE-BACKED CONSPIRACY to me. And as a BLACK AMERICAN, I DON'T LIKE IT!

Simply put, notice just how QUIET ALL THE POWERFUL PEOPLE ARE, especially people like HILLARY CLINTON. They are having a PARTY watching TRUMP get what he believed HILLLARY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN and even informally demanded her ARREST when she clearly mishandled classified emails. WE all remember "LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP..." So, it is true that TRUMP did beat her in the elections and now they want to destroy TRUMP!

Anyway, since we don't assassinate presidents anymore, his powerful enemies from both parties want to politically lynch him by findings laws that he either broke or might have broken to dirty him and make him unelectable [e.g., Stormy Daniels (porn star Hush Money); January 6 Insurrection; Handling of Classified Documents; and the fact that they can count on the fact that TRUMP is his WORST ENEMY by having SAYING TOO MUCH detrimental stuff and as asserted above 'By Your Words You'll be Justified or Condemned'".]


1. Born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, one of five children to Fred Trump, a real estate developer, and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, who had emigrated to the U.S. from Scotland, which explains his admiration/respect to the Queen of England.

2. We have something in common... I came to American at 13, whereas his father, Fred, sent him to military school at 13 (i.e., New York Military Academy) due to behavioral issues... as you can see even as a child Trump was not a herd follower ... He was probably to have things happen his way even as a teenager and the elder TRUMP sent him to military school to start getting him groomed on the path becoming the man that would take over the family business.

3. He attended Fordham University before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. He graduated in 1968.

4. Trump worked for his father for half a decade (i.e., 5 years) and at that time his Father owned about $250 million (in 2017 dollars) worth of apartment complexes in Brooklyn and Queens.

5. In 1977, TRUMP married Ivana Zelnickova, a former Olympic skier and model. The couple had three children, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. The pair divorced in 1990.

6. In 1984, Trump Tower on New York's 5th Avenue was completed. I did not get to see it when I visited the US for the first time in 1984, but did deliver packages to the Trump tower as a messenger in Manhattan as a Electrical Engineering Freshman in Colleage. His Amazing golden Trump Tower has condos, retail shops, galleries, restaurants and offices.

7. TRUMP is a published author and has written or co-written several books; his first, "The Art of the Deal," was published in 1987.

8. In December 20, 1993, Trump married Marla Maples. They had one daughter, Tiffany, and divorced in 1999.

9. In 2005, Trump married Slovenian model Melania Knauss and together they have one son, the VERY TALL BARRON, who is 6'7".

10. In 2015, he announced his candidacy for president of the United States. After winning the Electoral College vote over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump was inaugurated as president in January 2017.

11. Rappers like Lil Wayne, Kanye West Ice Cube and 50 Cent, all very good entrepreneurs, got a raw deal by many misguided Blacks for embracing the President Trump and not following the herd

12. President Donald Trump signs a full pardon for Alice Johnson, a Black woman, in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Aug. 28, 2020, in Washington.

13. Trump signed the bipartisan First Step Act and has granted 28 pardons and 16 sentence commutations. The Justice Department announced that the First Step Act would release more than 3,100 federal prison inmates and said its retroactive sentencing reform had led to nearly 1,700 sentence reductions. The Sentencing Project said that Black Americans made up 91 percent of everyone receiving reductions.

15. Trump did try to create OPPORTUNITY ZONES -- essentially, “more than 8,000 opportunities zones, bringing jobs and opportunities to our inner-city families.” Opportunity zones “are tax incentives to encourage those with capital gains to invest in low-income and undercapitalized communities,” according to the Tax Policy Center. A feature of the president’s $1.5 trillion tax cuts, the program was intended to benefit Black, Hispanic and low-income communities.

16. He was elected as the wealthiest president in U.S. history, ahead of John F. Kennedy. As of 2023, his net worth is still over $2 billion, according to Forbes. Not too shabby for a guy who has lived a FLAMBOYANT and FULL LIFE that many will still choose to see as a VILLAIN.

WELL WELL, as always, HISTORY will be THE ULTIMATE JUDGE. Humanity has a reputation of being at first very unkind to people that they latter adore (e.g., Galileo, Dr. King, Jesus, Nelson Mandela.) I don't think anyone can cast a FINAL VILLAIN VOTE on MR. TRUMP. YES, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. YES, he feels entitled! YES, he has many flaws... Yes, he does talk too much and thus sinned a lot (as discussed above), but the latter would apply to anyone who talks a lot. However, THE LEFT (especially the Clintons and Obama) and HURT REPUBLICANS (e.g., Bush Family, Romney, the McCain Family etc) will be UNSUCCESSFUL at convincing the World that TRUMP is indeed a VILLAIN, and the MORE THEY ATTACK HIM, the more he'll become IMMORTALIZED as a PERSECUTED HERO for those that love and respect him despite his flaws, including YOURS TRULY. He is STILL THE WORLD's BEST BRANDER... "little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Sleepy Joe etc" and of course the best self-brander of "TRUMP". He is an American phenomenon and perhaps is the antithesis of Obama, another American phenomenon. They both have their place in the American political discourse. They both get to paint their own view of what they'd like America to stand for. And in the end, granting such a freedom to such men is granting it to each other, and that's what the AMERICAN FREEDOM IDEALS are all about.

True love is unconditional, and make no mistake about it, perfect or not, over 75 million people believe in his message for America, that is the equivalent of the population of over 12 to 15 small to midsized countries. LABEL THEM whatever you'd like, but you CANNOT induce them to change their mind ON THEIR TRUMP even if you die TRYING!

Not too shabby for a guy that Obama said would never become President of the United States. He clearly did and now they want him to penalize him for it. In my humble opinion, the way they are going at it is wrong and if they can do it to a BILLIONAIRE WHITE MAN (at the top of the food chain) imagine what they'd do to anyone else that fall within 99% of the rest of America.

Don't forget that the LEFT is practically inducing the EROSION of some of the best JUDEO-CHRISTIAN values that made America great to begin with, including the FAMILY UNIT and WELFARE RULES. It's OK to fight for rights, but EXTREMISM will end up producing DIVISION and detrimental political factions and dismal social results. And a DIVIDED HOUSE CANNOT STAND, CHILDREN!

IN A RUSH - Pardon any Typographical Errors!

This is article is written by Dr. Pete Lorins and sponsored by


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