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We Should all Empathize with Disadvantaged Haitians in Haiti and at the Borders

Last night, after working for nearly 20 hours, one of my friends called me to ask me to help her purchase tickets for two Haitian migrants from Chile... the latter happened while I was still at my office late at night before I even had a chance to process the image of White Texas Patrolmen chasing thousands of Black Haitian migrants at the Texas border especially as thousands more are pouring into the same border or other borders. The latter must touch any humane and non-racist heart if nothing else has yet to do so. Moreover, if one happens to be Black, it should remind one of the cruelty that our Black ancestors suffered from the hands of the ancestors of those very White patrolmen. The latter was RACIALLY INCENTIVE at best! It really touched my heart and the following images left an unforgettable scar on my heart. We must help those people because their homeland and ignorant leaders and other powerful forces FAILED THEM...

Many will argue that Haitians and forced migration have become synonymous. And the latter is the case because life in Haiti has simply become unbearable. It is a HUMAN RIGHT to fight for LIFE when one's LIFE in PERIL. While illegality should never be rewarded, in moments of HUMAN RIGHTS CRISES, one is PRIVILEGED to do what it takes to stay alive. It is a HUMAN RIGHT! Most human beings have at some point felt DISADVANTAGED -- if you are a White man, you did when you were poor; if you're a White woman, you did when you couldn't vote or own property; and if you are a non-White, you did when you were denied of opportunities because of your color or national origin. We ARE ON THIS HUMANITY BOAT TOGETHER in the end. We might as well be our Brother's/Sister's Keepers!

America needs the help of hard-working Haitians and that of other migrants. Many Americans have become too complacent, privileged and sometimes too lazy to do a growing number of jobs... many employers have expressed frustration at their lack of success in their efforts to hire new employees, especially after the government poured millions of relief dollars on Americans after during the onset or aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. A LEGAL PATH to CITIZENSHIP should be provided to those who are truly in dire need, UNLESS America and the World would choose to work HARD and FIX the source of the problem, namely HAITI! Otherwise, the MIGRANTS will keep coming! Many of them will become future doctors, lawyers, mayors, engineers, and they represent the power of the AMERICAN DREAM... that people still aspire to come to AMERICA as a beacon of hope for DESPERATE IMMIGRANTS. It's great "PR" for America!

We should ADOPT, HIRE, LOVE, and PROTECT THEM... they deserve HOSPITALITY just like any other REFUGEES... anything less is INHUMANE and RACIST considering that they are coming to a developed EUROCENTRIC nation with melting pot ideals! I have had my sibling rivalries with my Haitian Brothers and Sisters, but deep inside my heart, I do love them. I enjoy talking to them and wish the best for them. However, I don't just want to wish, I now also want to HELP in anyway that I can! So should you!

Proverbs 19:17 -- Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Proverbs 22:9 -- The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

Proverbs 22:16 -- Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO HELP -- We are exhorting you to join Our "... Better Way to Help Disaster-stricken Haitians in Haiti and at the Borders Project (" or any other authentic organizations. On that note, no matter what your ancestry, national origin, religion, ethnic group is, if you are a human-being, help us and/or help us strategize through solutions to help out especially at the borders and with Earthquake and Hurricane-stricken poor Haitians.. And if you're HAITIAN or BLACK, those Migrant Haitians are YOU... when I see them being treated dishonorably because of their failed leader and country, and even because of their race, I see myself... I want to hug them and I want to tell them that "WE LOVE THEM!" But the latter does not solve all their problems. We have to help them with their more pressing needs.

We want to continue to assist disaster-stricken Haitians in Haiti and at the borders by providing assistance with the following:

  • Equipment and Resources (e.g., tents and basic necessities);

  • Legal and Financial Assistance for Those who Managed to Cross the Border;

  • Financial Assistance for Those Who Got Deported and Have no Relatives to Assist Them with their Next Migration Attempts or Wherever their Next Stop Stop is.

MOST HAITIANS are from a WEST AFRICAN WARRIOR TRIBE and were were always known to be FIGHTERS and PEOPLE OF HONOR and PRIDE. MY PARENTS were HAITIAN and were amazingly wise, loving, empathetic , philanthropic and intelligent people. The Haitians that I knew were not beggars. They were BRAVE, hard-working, proud, family-oriented and of high moral character. It is that character that earned them the right to become THE FIRST BLACK REPUBLIC. The World and their leaders have failed them and created this state of Haitian affairs in Haiti and at the border. Let us not fail them too! I might have become a PROUD U.S. CITIZEN but I will always value my Haitian ancestry despite being utterly embarrassed by what is going on with Haitians in Haiti and above today.

You, too, can change the lives of future leaders who will have returned the favor with others both locally and internationally in the future because they will remember how they too had been helped by people like us!

Believe it or not, MANY OF THOSE HAITIANS are GENIUSES! Trust me, I KNOW! They just need OPPORTUNITIES that their leaders failed to provide to them. Let's not fail them too!


This article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins and is sponsored by


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