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Why Harris' and Obama's Use of Identity Politics is Bad for America

"Identity Politics" is traditionally defined as a "tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics." As with most things in life, identity politics can be good or bad depending on how it is used or the motive behind it.

But I would like to take a step further by calling it "Conveniently Using One Aspect of One's Heritage Over Another for Political or Financial Gains to the Detriment of those Who Fall on the Non-Chosen Aspect of One's Heritage or without Defending a True Philosophical or Moral Reasoning"... ONE can be GOOD or BAD from any race, color, creed, national original and religion. Thus, being a decent of a particular race or national origin should irrelevant especially to those who claim that the system is racist or prejudicial towards such groups. It is hypocritical or disingenuous at best. If one's position is CHANGE, then one has to EXHUME change beyond SINGULAR identifications... in fact the more aspects exist in one lineage the more one should feel relatable to people of ALL BACKGROUNDS. Thus, clinging to one is rebuttably linked to some kind of advantage. Identifying as an AMERICAN MAN or WOMAN should be sufficient if race or color truly does not matter.

IN A NUTSHELL, when (identity politics is) used to mislead it becomes a distant cousin of FRAUD if not FRAUD itself. America is a nation in which our ideals as expressed by Dr. King is to treat people BY THEIR CHARACTER'S CONTENT, and not by their race, color, national origin or religion. Therefore, teaching our youth that one's potentially fraudulent identification can be either advantageous or disadvantageous may lead our next generation of leaders to lie about their lineage or cling to one aspect of their lineage solely for political gain. One should be PROUD of who one is no matter what causes one pursues. And one should be proud to be an American no matter what his racial or ethnic lineage is.

I have met a lot of biracial people who were what I have called "conveniently Black or Non-Black", but certainly chose being Black with political pursuits because of the hero story linked to it. However, every aspect of their lives appeared to be as non-Black as possible, including their educational paths and parents. For instance, Obama's mother was a White woman and Harris' mother was an Indian woman. Thus, at the least they are half-White and half-Indian. Yet for political purposes, they identify as "Black".

Here is why it is dangerous for America?

Our experiences form who we really are. When we have people that can't really identify with "Black Plight" portray to be Black, it is not only potentially fraudulent, but also it is also potentially detrimental as it is likely to induce Blacks or other groups to misleadingly rely on them only to utter detriment and disappointment because such people cannot truly relate and have simply identified interests of which they can make use in order to make others feel like they can relate to them more.

While any human-being has the ability to empathize with another human-being, understanding "Black Plight" regarding a pedigree of thinking that goes beyond just "identifying oneself" as Black. The fact is that most Biracial people receive special treatments by both Blacks and Whites. They are often asked of their racial backgrounds and told that they look exotic and beautiful and that by itself does not allow one to fully relate to being either Black or White.

This is the reason why I have argued that Obama is not Black (and has pushed his White side under the rug) to play IDENTITY POLITICS and the same reason why Kamala has been rebuked by Her own Father, a Stamford University Professor for DANGEROUSLY using "Identity Politics" and throwing DIRT on her JAMAICAN lineage. One can say the same about Elizabeth Warren for clinging to a NATIVE AMERICAN lineage, something that has earned her the nickname POCAHONTAS.

You can tap into this more via the Newsweek article titled "Kamala's Father slams her for Fraudulently Stereotyping Jamaicans" and thus damaging his family's legacy.

While Obama's and Harris' use of Identity Politics is a lower form of fraud than that of Rachel Anne Dolezal, also known as Nkechi Amare Diallo, who is a White American former college professor and activist known for being a white woman who fraudulently identified and passed as a Black woman, it is variant FRAUD nonetheless.

On a radio show show, Harris, happily used her half-Jamaican lineage to imply that every Jamaican smokes pot. By that she was implying that she can't be against pot or Blacks or others that smoke pot because she also identifies as Jamaican. In other words, she conveniently adopted her Jamaican lineage to defend her position as opposed to focusing on philosophical reasonings behind her position. The latter rightfully insulted her Father, just like it would have insulted me if one of my children implied that all Haitians do voodoo because my parents and I have ever practice voodoo one day in our lives. In other words, while I may not accept all aspects of my Haitian lineage, I am not only proud of my Haitian parents, but also of anything linked to them and Haiti itself except the demise of the land that was once called the "Pearl of the Antilles".

Obama did write a book about his father titled "Dreams from My Father", and I respect that, but his father had nothing to do with his upbringing as he was raised by his White Mother and White grandparents. While I am pleased that he respects his Black lineage, there was no indication (beyond the "pre-existing conditions" that affected his Mother's access to healthcare, the real progenitor of his affinity to the healthcare law) that he he had any interest in his White heritage at all. It seems that he had decided to BECOME A BLACK MAN and suppress his White lineage, and rarely ever talked about his White Mother or Grandparents who were there for him and essentially never even wrote a book about them. Yet, he adopted a full BLACK IDENTITY and even married a Black woman. And to me that seems to be done at least partly with the intent of benefiting from the Black vote. I am not saying that Obama or Harris don't care about Black people at all or non-privileged people at large and are just taking advantage of them; all I am saying is that they are USING ONE ASPECT OF THEIR RACIAL BACKGROUNDS to foster UNIQUE ALLIANCES based only on that aspect. And to me that is borderline fraudulent because they are JUST AS WHITE and INDIAN AS THEY ARE BLACK and NOT JUST BLACK.

Obama with His White Family

Harris with her Indian Mother


You can accept your entire lineage and still yet be proud of your full heritage. Don't be a fraud. Use the advantages that you gain from both sides to foster ways of relating to others. But don't CONVENIENTLY ADOPT "BEING BLACK or ANY OTHER RACE" just because it is more likely to provide you with more political or financial favors or outcomes. In common parlance, DON'T BE A FAKE! BE AUTHENTIC... BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN BE... you're good enough!

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