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Why You Should not Visit Haiti

DO NOT VISIT HAITI~ Take it from a former HAITIAN and a now PROUD AMERICAN!

My 2 worst experiences in Haiti left a bad taste in my mouth.

Well, somehow they top my prior worst HAITI EXPERIENCE, which consisted of me (at 12 years of age) seeing Haitian niggas looting and doing crazy ass crap after Baby Doc was ousted. I saw beheadings... heads on sticks and people being necklaced by tires that were set on fire.

(1) Haitian niggas robbed my father of $10,000 on the eve of my Mother's funeral after he left the bank.... that is with MACHINE GUNS pointed at his car... yup, after they both did more for Haitians than any other Haitians that I know. This is aside from thousands of dollars that Haitians stole from my Father b/c they know he was GENEROUS and was starting to degrade with Alzheimer's Disease.

(2) During my 23-hour act of appearance for my Mother's funeral, I heard Haitian niggas say: "why all this shit... just dump the body in to a whole and save us the traffic..." The MORAL DEPRAVITY of current Haitians shocked my conscience and utterly left me disappointed with HAITI and most Haitians.

FRUSTRATION-BASED MORAL OF THE STORY: When you're so darn poor and morally-deprived, you lose all sense of decency and become inhumane. While I still send money to select decent people in HAITI, I think that if the US is serious about helping Haiti it should OCCUPY THE HAITIAN PART OF THE ISLAND OF HISPANOLA and send smart Haitians and Americans to teach MORALITY and DECENCY to YOUNG HAITIANS. As to the CURRENT Mercenaries, Syrians, Opportunistic Whites who don't give a shit, Mulattoes and Pompous Greedy HAITIAN Negroes, it is lost cause! ALTERNATIVELY, remove EVERYONE, BURN THE WHOLE PLACE and START ANEW!


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