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Wow! I’m Humbly Speechless on This Birthday!

As a former shy, nerdy and stuttering boy, and a seemingly invincible man, I can appear to be enigmatically complex, yet despite being ridiculously educated, I am the simplest and most humble dude you could ever meet! So many gifts, 100 Plus calls and so many Facebook messages and even a new BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP arrangement on my B-day would have overwhelmed any human being! I AM TRULY BLESSED!

Deep inside, like my parents, I am just a simple, caring, brutally honest, learned, ambitious, grateful, humble, loving, and altruistic man! When I lost my Mother life was nearly meaningless... I was angry and bitter... but then I remembered my kids and her love and that of my father! My true besties’ love! One church day at a time! One sermon at a time! I was restored! The Church has its place folks! We need SPIRITUAL MUSCLES. Thanks ASR and Milan Baptist! I might have been in a 99% White Church racially, but spiritually, I felt the spirit of God among you and God touched me among you! Thank you for the hospitality! And thanks for loving my bestie ASR, she is a testament of your work and one of the top 5 human beings I have ever met spiritually and character wise! I still can’t believe that my parents are gone, but the outpouring of true unadulterated love from friends of all walks of life is often such a perfect substitute! OF COURSE, I miss my parents immensely! Undoubtedly, I wish I could have become an uncle after I lost my only sibling! It still hurts as f****!

Unfortunately, God saw a different path for me. Perhaps I don’t celebrate as much as others do because my parents whom I adored so much taught me to focus on the spiritual aspects of life more. Perhaps I am just like them! However, I do appreciate the love that I feel on days like this! Many of you have loved me so much for so long that I could never dare give up on myself! I also live life to accomplish dreams that I share with you and for you. Thanks for loving me, investing in me, believing in me! If I ever appear not to appreciate you enough, or if you end up eulogizing me one day, please know that I lived a much more perfect life than I could have ever imagined because many of you taught me the meaning of unconditional love! As a result, today I love humanity at large unconditionally! I am so sorry to get so emotional but really, I can’t imagine anyone feeling more loved and respected than I have been lately!

I LOVE YOU ALL WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! Thank you for taking care of my Late and amazing parents’ little boy! I feel God’s favor... I may get annoyed with the calls at times but secretly I love them. I may get annoyed with some of you at times, but I would never want to choose to live this life or another one without you in it. Secretly I want to change NOTHING ABOUT YOUR CRAZY ASSES. I only hope to make some of you feel 50% of how you have made me feel over the years as even that would overwhelm you too!


May the same God that healed my heart and blessed me in invaluable aspects of my life do the same for you too. Trust in God’s will and keep the FAITH!

I Love You!

PS Thanks for the gifts and helping me select my first hat collection as part of my MarthenLorins project!


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