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Most Businesses have FAILED TO THRIVE as their FOUNDERS had originally intended...

Please allow me to be frank enough to remind you NOT to play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with your business. You've put way too much effort into it to make running your business a guessing game. Don't go at it alone. It is a LIFE or DEATH SITUATION for your business.

According to the latest 2023 data, up to 90% of startups fail. Across almost all industries, the average failure rate for year one is 10%. However, in years two through five, a staggering 70% of new businesses will fail. I am not sharing this with you to scare you as a business person, rather my goal is to help you prevent your business from becoming part of the failure statistics.

Two of the main reasons why businesses fail are as follows:

1) Lack of Consistent LEAD$ or LEAD CONVERSION; AND


There is a plethora of marketers out there. But most of them don't offer a masterful systematic approach to MAINTAIN consistency in Lead Generation and Quality Assurance. At Turnkey Ventures Inc., the depth and breadth of our decades of experience in a plethora of industries induced us to create our "EAQUAS" SYSTEM/PARADIGM in order to efficiently and cost-effectively assist businesses just like yours. EAQUAS stands for -- "Efficiency", "Accountability", "Quality Assurance" and "Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Never again should maintaining CONSISTENT Lead Generation and Quality Assurance feel like a "guessing game" to you or your company. However, unless you opt to use our EAQUAS SYSTEM you will never so find out.

To that end, we are now offering highly-discounted BUSINESS INTERVENTION SESSIONS to small business owners so that they can also afford our EAQUAS-centric business intervention services using our "Biz Intervention Experts (BIZIE)" approach. Our goal is to INTERVENE in your business in order to keep you and your business as BUSY as possible after applying our BIZIE approach to it.

Please Watch the Following VIDEO About Our "Business Intervention Experts (BIZIE)" Approach

AGAIN, Don't go at it alone. It is a LIFE or DEATH SITUATION for your business. With DECADES of EXPERIENCE, we have created the most efficient and cost-effective business success models ever created (i.e., EAQUAS and BIZZIE) in order to equip our own team members with all the right tools to intervene in your business as to create CONSISTENT LEAD$ and QUALITY ASSURANCE not only to keep you business as "BIZIE" as possible, but also to keep it running EFFICIENTLY and ACCOUNTABLY.


Most businesses don't fail... their owners/leaders simply failed to be PROACTIVE by not bringing intervention experts in at the right time. For instance, "3M" just fired 6,000 people... that's likely the result of being REACTIVE instead of being PROACTIVE... also BED, BATH and BEYOND failed to LEVERAGE and embrace the proper technologies... Accordingly, they are laying off 14,000 people. They should have called our "BIZIE" business interventionists... WALMART just closed a dozen stores in Chicago... same concept! They think they have all the answers already.... they failed to use rare business gurus that could have saved them millions or billions. Reed and I are two of those rare experts that can save your business from failing or dying. As business interventionists, we intervene like surgeons do in getting rid of a lethal cancer that could have killed a patient at THE RIGHT TIME. Your business is our patient and our expertise will save the patient's life every time.

Lastly, we'll help you tap into the following:

<> Presenting a Clear BRAND MESSAGE; AND

<> Providing Your Clients or Prospects (Prospective Clients) with a Unique Experience that Sets You and Your Business Apart.

We intend to keep saving as many businesses as possible, particularly small businesses -- one business at a time.

This article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins, and sponsored by TURNKEY VENTURES INC.


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