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7 Ways to be Happy & Healthy Even at 77+ Like the Amazing Papa Cross...

After communicating with an amazing man, who have I have affectionately adopted as my Papa, for over a year because of how he loves his children (including one with whom I share a lifelong friendship and relationship), family and me, I decided to pick the seven ways in which others can live a life that has been as PEACEFUL and HEALTHFUL as his has DESPITE ALL ODDS even at 77+:

1. Believe that you'll be healthy and successful enough to live for the next 100 years. 2. When asked how you're doing, don't start talking about presumed problems... just answer GREAT and believe it because you're probably doing as GREAT as you can be doing for now health-wise and wealth-wise anyway. 3. When asked if you need help, UNLESS you have exhausted all options, simply ANSWER: "I am good", I am just getting ready to go work-out for the second time today or getting ready to find the solutions to a few problems. 4. Tell amazing stories (good or bad) that you experienced in life with others with passion and a smile on your face that make them believable and easy to learn from. 5. Survive mistreatment (e.g., racism, sexism etc) in life or even in wars during service in the Marines and fight back with a kick-ass attitude by staying literally awake and vigilant all night and getting by with minimal sleep... an attitude that is maintained until today. 6. Appreciate the simplest things in life and stay perfectly fit even at 77 and beyond... and appreciating others' current accomplishments without focusing on their shortcomings, yet still encouraging them like a NATURAL PATRIARCH... realizing that PEOPLE often have to do what hey believe they MUST do to SURVIVE... It is called SELF-PRESERVATION. 7. Maintain a constantly good attitude by keeping self-preservation and staying out of others' business and speaking in generalities without necessarily judging others, and do it all with a smile, passion, amazing facial gestures and zeal. And learn to manage your expectations while practicing self-preservation as well...

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