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Who is Behind the LorinsPOST?
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Leadership Accountability

Objective Societal Metrics



Race & Gender

Police Brutality

Business and Wealth

Altruism or Philanthropy 

Quotes and Music Etc...


The Accountability Quotients (Business, Minority Friendliness, Food, & Education)

The Meaning of a Lorins Birthday

Both Extreme Leftists and Extreme Conservatives are Problematic

Business Excellence Quotient (BEQ)

The Use of The Lorins Leadership Accountability Metrics Would Help All Americans, Particularly Black

LorinsPOST COVID-19 Report

Does Will Smith Represent the Dichotomous Black American Image Issue?


ABORTION - A Flawed Hypocrisy

Avoid These 4 Ds to Prevent Pitfalls 

How Orlando Police Officers Saved My Sanity

A Very Special B-Day

Black History Month Special 

Living a Legacy-Driven Life

Does CRT Belong in American K-12 Pedagogy?

The Crazy Yet Fulfilling Entrepreneurial Path

The Win, Win & Wins of Creative Real Estate Financing

We Should all Help Disadvantaged Haitians in Haiti and at the Borders

The Problem w/ Trump's Correlation of HIV/AIDS w/ Haitian Migrants

How I got short in Chicago, in my Nightmare

Audacious Income-generating Web Sites and Apps

Perhaps Neither Biden Nor Cuomo is Racist

Turnkey Ventures Honors Its Amazing Reed Sawyer

The Most Solid Argument against Abortion

The Lorins Success Musketeers

A Father's Fear and Reassurance for His Daughter On her 2nd Day in HS

Mother's Day Good Morning Cheers

Why You Should not Visit Haiti

A Sincere Poem For Haitian Flag Day

First Good Morning Cheers Session 

Police Chauvin-ism

Pick a Ministry, Help Someone, Anyone!

Predicting the Ripple Effects of Liberalism and Cancel Culture

Political Immaturity

Peaceful or Reckless Protests

Extremism on All American Ends

2020 Plus One is the One

So, Today is my Birthday

Thanksgiving 2020 Special

My American Experience

To My Fellow Black Men

A Few Truths that Hurt Trump From a Fan

2020 Peacemakers Needed

2020 A Perfect American Electoral Storm

Never Too Late to Change Your Life's Course

2020 Elections and Confirmation Bias

Why Harris' and Obama's Identity Politics is Bad for America

Our Current US Status Quo

Our People are Cognitively Dissonant

5-Wisdom-filled Verses from my Mother

Why Republicans do More for Blacks

The Choas Needs to Stop

Things are Never as Bad as We Perceive Them to Be

7 Best Realizations about American Commerce and Politics

Why Harris and Obama are Not Black

Harmonious Response to a Racial Remark

Herd Following and Failed Leaderships

My Papa and I

Cain and Lewis: 2 Great Black Men, 2 Different Missions

Saddened by the Death of a Former Client

The Great John Lewis Left Us

Singing with my Papa

A Solution to the Race or Statue Debate

My Own Experience with Police Brutality

Let Your Light Shine Bright

You Too Can Lose Your Job Even when You Least Expect it to Happen

Becoming Healthier and Wealthier After Corona


Haiti's Problems True Roots and Solution

Both Gone on 4/3 and 7 Years Apart

Why is Kobe's Death So Tough on So Many, Especially Blacks?

Good Enough Justice for a Black Man Named White? 

The 3 Lorins-Prescribed Success Musketeers


Appreciating Human Beings and their Racial Differences

Brother's Keeper Multilingual Motivational Video

RideRight.Biz - A Transportation Revolution

Trump v. White Hypocrites and Others

Are Blacks Still Being Poisoned and Preyed On? 


Bi or Multi Racial People - The Root of their Identity Issues

Defending Trump's "You Can Leave"

Trump Must Disavow White Terrorism, Albeit at a Price

Humility Precedes Blessings - Baltimore-Like Cities Must So Learn

Devil Advocacy against Those Who Hate Trump

Lorins' Reflection on Becoming a New American

Called and Elected


Happy Mother's Day from our Editor

John Singleton - The Black "Hood" Culture Exposer

A Case for a Development-Centric US Led Occupation of Haiti

Solution to 400 Years of Black Equality Back Check

Black History Special - Chicago's Past and Current Gifts to Blacks

Why Society Can be Either Guilty or Stupid

UNEQUAL LIARS -- Jussie v. Emmett Till's Accuser

Wealthy White Male Induced Cognitive Dissonance Among Others

Why do I love West African/Africans?

Why Does Dr. Lorins of Distribute Food to the Homeless

At the Truly Healthy Heartless in Doing Nearly Nothing for the Poor? 

Do Most Modern Women Deter Mean from Marrying them?


Overcoming Fear

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Meet the First Black Lieutenant Governor Elect of Illinois

All Trump Supporters are Not Racist but Some Truly are the Sc*m of the Earth


Discussing  Emmett Till and Two Important Other Black Males

On the Table of Brotherhood

White Benchmarks


The "Even-as-a-Privileged-White-Guy-Syndrome"

Trump and Trump Haters


The Immigration Debate - What the Heck is Immigration? 


The Good Whites - Myths Debunked

Truest Love: My Daughters and Son


Others' Expression: Be Not Readily Controlled by Them


The Black Hair Issue


The Oxymoronic Truths about Chicagoans & Chicago, including ITS Black Haitian Dad!

WHY KANYE (or Any Free-Thinking Black): Is NOT in a SUNKEN PLACE


BE DECENT: How Holding the Door Helped me get Free Gas and a Mutual Life Lessons Exchange


COSBY BETRAYED: America’s Disenfranchised (Black) Dad & His #METOO Prostitutes

Relentless Inspiration & Motivation in the Face of Incredible Adversities…


Dissecting the Subtle Silencing of Black Males (BM) and BM Leaders...

Scarred Child of Deception: Lied to by His White Mother about His Race


Why do Many American Kids Kill Their Parents and Peers (“The “P&P” Syndrome”)?


"America/Americans First", Said Trump

Subtle “Non-White” White Supremacists… An American Idiosyncrasy!


America & Immigrants: A Perpetual Love-Hate Relationship…


SH*T HOLE COUNTRIES: The Truth and The Way Forward!


Re: NEVER SETTLE: Fight to Find Your Calling/Best Career


Black Women Rise in the Midst Of Corrupt White Men & Disfranchised Black Men


How I Confronted a Racist White Law Firm Partner on my Birthday…


Powerful Male Gropers and Their Overzealous Female Accusers...


EQUALITY: An American Illusion in a White-Male Dominated World!

The Late & Great Gwen Ifill: She Taught Us How to Think About Race!

A Letter from a Loving Son to His Amazing Single Black Mother!


How I stopped a Young Black Lady from Punching an Older White Man and Getting Shot…


TRUMP vs. Black NFL Players (Patriotism vs. Free Speech)


The Unconscionable American Homelessness Problem…

White Supremacy-Debunked & the City Racism Test (CRT7-9)-Introduced!

Discrimination Investigators or Spies Wanted

Biracial Brothas Like Kaepernick - Are they Exposing Team Owners as Modern Slave Masters STUDIOS - Introduced!

Is “Still a NIGGER, SPICK, CHINK, REDSKIN, SAND NIGGER, POON etc” How Many Whites Still Think of Non-Whites


"DUMBED-DOWN NEGROES": Debunking America’s Hatred of Blacks & Black Self-Hatred!

Do Most Whites have Flaws that are Similar to TRUMP’s Flaws?


Do Most Whites have Flaws that are Similar to TRUMP’s Flaws?


Our “OJ”, White America’s Bitter “Juice”...


AMAZING Opportunity for EXPERIENCED Marketers ONLY!’s Expandable GREAT MUSIC List


AMERICA: Hypocritically & Immorally GREAT… Reparations Anyone?


LorinsPOST’s Most Racist U.S. Entities (i.e., States, Companies, Individuals) List

NY Mayor De Blasio: A White Man Who Adores His Black/Mixed Family


UNCONSCIONABLE GAPS:  Proving that America is still too RACIST…


FREE Mentoring, Motivation and Performance (MMP) Training for Blacks…


Do Wealthy Blacks Feel Too Protected? Is Black Still the Presumed Poor?


How to Love a VAGINA:  Its Functions, Infections & Prevention


My Brothers: Respect the Police & Each Other else You May Not Live to Share Your Side of the Story


The Trillion-Black-Men Mentor-Centric Mental-Army (Trillion BlaMMMA)


What You Are Eating (or NOT) Can KILL YOU: From the Supermarkets to the Restaurants


Why Black (American) Men Have The Best "SWAG" in the World…

TRUMP: A Top Thug & Brander from a Top Thug Nation…

Your Business Needs an Amazingly Experienced Biz/Project Manager


TO PRES. TRUMP: You Did It! Now, You Must Truly VET Yourself as Presidential, Non-Racist...

Black Male Equity/Image: There "Ain’t No" Rising Until we all Rise Together…

PREDICTION:  TRUMP Will Continue to Trump (Outsmart) the Career Politicians & WHY?

Demystifying U.S. Racial Inequality in Education: No “WHITE” Child Left Behind or NCLB?


FAKE NEWS: The Dishonest Media…


Modern-Day Slave Plantations and Quarters?

Why Must Dr. Bill Cosby’s Legacy be Protected and Cherished by Americans at Large?


(BREAST) CANCER GUIDE: Realities, Causes, Prevention and Silver Linings…


How/Why I Spotted a Young Black Haitian Man on the Prestigious & Predominantly White Northwestern University Territory

The 2 Adams: Humanity’s 2 Most Egregious Identity Theft Cases…


How Pink’s “TRY” Song Helped Me Beat Breast Cancer!

Is TRUMP (Or Any White Man) Truly Inherently Evil?


WYCLEF JEAN, JAMES BLAKE --  Victims of Poor Black Male Image?

PENCE Back Anti-Abortion Bill


Chicago - The Best and Most Complete (Big) City to Live In

2 Special Cards from my Late Mother

The 8+6 Success Rule: 8 High Effectiveness Habits + 6 Greatness-Inhibiting Cancers


THE ORIGINAL MAN - The Black Man as the Disenfranchised Father of Humanity


Building True Wealth: Performance & Commitment


The Average Black Female's Body – Why is Not Commercialized More?


Spirit Airlines Bait-and-Switch-Nightmare: Never Fly Spirit!


Memories of My Father: The Amazing Pastor Pierre Lorins


Memories of My Father: The Amazing Pastor Pierre Lorins


The CPS gets a “D” on Education or an “A” on Miseducation from the LorinsPOST MFQ Test


2 Amazing Former Black First Ladies: ‘FLHAITI’ & ‘FLOTUS’

Radio Advertising


Jesse Jackson Jr.: Disgraced, Mentally-shaken, Yet Amazingly Good-Spirited!

The *BBB* Syndrome – A Realistic Diagnosis & Solution for a Broken Black Community/Family


Are Indians Culturally more Racist than Europeans/Whites?


How My Late Mother Saved Me and Others from HELL (i.e., HAITI)


Are We at the Table of Brotherhood Yet? If So, What’s NEXT?

The 3 Main Missing Links that Catalyzed Black Underachievement Worldwide!


Did The Nick Gwyck Haitian Body of Christ (BOC) Church Betray My Father? And is it a CULT?


The Haiti (and Jamaica) Dilemma – What the Heck Happened?


Chicago... The Solution isn't Black and White...

TRUMP is RIGHT about Chicago South Side (“ChIraq”)

Dr. M.L. KING Jr. – Still the Moral Leader of America!

Even TRUMP’s Critics Are Starting to Agree with the TRUMP DOCTRINE

The Forgotten Modern White Men: Surprisingly Empathetic, Cautiously Optimistic


Being White is Too Easy & Rather Boring… Why I Enjoy Being Black So Much…


FIDEL CASTRO – My Hero’s Death


Black-on-Black Crimes – The Pity Party is Seemingly OVER!


Twice Almost Madam President – Twice Fully Unlucky!


Smartest Tech Investor, Peter Thiel, Bet on Trump & Won!

President Elect Donald J. Trump – 45th POTUS – Is He a Political Genius?

SCAPEGOAT ME now please - More Blacks are Racist Towards Other Blacks than Many Other Groups Are...


Human Lives Matter – Whether They are Blue, Black, White, Yellow... Duh? And?


Trump to Colin Kaepernick “find a country that works better for you”


Black on Black (BoB) Crimes: Is it Cowardice, Desperation or Both?

Rapid LEAD$: Grow Your Business Rapidly!


Mr. Obama: He is Still the Dismissive Professor!


Potential American Fools? Have Most of Us Missed the Boat?

The Angriest Black Men - Why are They Angry Enough to Kill?

Is Hillary Clinton's Acknowledgement of Police Brutality and Disparate Treatment of Blacks Too Late

Breached Social Contract? I'm MAD AS HELL and I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.


Lessons From Our Greats: Only "LOVE" Can Conquer ALL in Such Alton-Sterling-Like Moments..


Two Main Reasons Why Trump's Foreign Policy Tendencies are So Appealing!


America's Insanity...Police Brutality and Black People... Something has to Change!


Guest Writers WANTED for


My Perplexing yet Pleasant Screening of a Prospective BLACK Tenant

MENTALLY-ENSLAVED: Are Far Too Many Blacks Still Mentally Enslaved?


With The "IV" Learning System, ANY LEARNER Can Now Get Top Grades!

How to Differentiate Prejudice (and Discrimination) from Racism...

101 Plus Wisdom Quotes/Principles by Which You Can Live a Wisdom-filled Life!

Yes, there is one America, but is it, Bipolar? 


How to Give a Great Speech… If You Suck at Speaking!

Why Should You Continuously Mentor?

The Black and White Face of Drug Addiction

The Big Four ("4")...

The Lifetime Value of Money

The Right Anti-Abortion Argument

Why Businesses that NEED 'creatives' Love Rapid Gigs+

Should You Choose a Job over a Gig?

America's Current Minority/Black Problem - Where is Today's Black Peace Broker?

TRUMP... 10 reasons why he is liked by many and hated by some.

Black History Month * Must Read *

Learning For All Americans... Not just "Real Ones"!!!

Does COLOR Still Matter in a Post-Obama World?

The Invisible but "Good Whites" - Why Are We SILENT about Them?


The Invisible but "Good Whites" - Why Are We SILENT about Them?

TRUMP & OBAMA are GREAT for America!!!


Racist NYPD Slammed Ex Black Tennis Pro, Blake, for 'Standing While Black!'


Serena Williams - Current #1 Tennis Player and Best of All Times!!!


"Old Money" Holders -- Royals, Former Imperialists etc... They Should Either be Ashamed


FOOD FRAUD ALERT - What the Heck are We Eating These Days?

The Worst and Most Racist Police Department in the U.S. (From My Own Experience)


Best and Worst Minority-Friendly Organizations - MFQ Test Applied!


Mr. PRESIDENT -- "I HATE YOU!" But, "Hey, I Am Your President Too!"


Let Us Keep Our Leaders Accountable

A Growing List of Wise Quotes and Articles About Life/Art/Poetry by Pete Lorin


The “Black Male Low Expectation Syndrome” - Proposal to Save the Next Black Male Generation!!!


14 Reasons Why We Must Help those in Under-developed Countries/Areas Prosper!

18 Reasons Why Americans Must Read Dr. Ben Carson’s “One Nation”

Does America Need to Depolarize its Black Democrats?

Turn Your Garbage into Wealth

A Final Solution for Black-owned Businesses…

Carbs, Fats, Cholesterol and Proteins are GREAT for you!!!

Finding the Right Mate -- Simplified

Minority Friendliness Quotient

POLITICS-- All Views




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