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The LorinsPOST Vaccine-Neutral COVID-19 Report

Using one of's Accountability Metrics, namely the LorinsPOST Business Excellence Quotient (BEQ) metric, we'll firstly assert some scientifically irrefutable truths about COVID-19 and then analyze them through our metrics in a manner that will leave you informed with truths on which reasonable minds cannot differ, so that you'll make up your own mind about the way forward whether we end up getting a Federal Mandate or not.

So, why has the COVID-19 approach been a failure thus far and what can the government do to redeem itself as a business? By the way, in case you did not realize it yet, the government is a poorly run business entity, but a business entity nonetheless. The government promotes information, products, exchange money, generate income via taxation, and incur deficits, $28.3 trillion of it as of late. So, yes, the government is a business, but as in most cases, such issues arise because of lack of ACCOUNTABILITY. In a nutshell, it can happen when an entity feels that it does not need to be solvent or that it has too many ways of generating income to worry about indebtedness. However, because the government is used to running itself with seemingly unfettered discretion, its approach to COVID-19 solutions were also quite AD HOC, despite the vast number of experts that are available to it. But there is a French saying that goes like "Il n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire"... which literally means, it's never too late to do the right thing or to improve things.

Here are the LorinsPOST confirmed TRUTHS on COVID-19:

1) COVID-19 is a virus and ANYONE can get COVID-19

2) It has spread around the world.

3) It can spread between people. Some people with COVID-19 feel fine and simply carry it to others, while others feel sick, and other feel even very sick, and some who are immuno-compromised or have weak immune systems can actually die from it.

4) People with COVID-19 get sick in different ways (e.g., when people cough, sneeze, talk, sing etc.)

5) It is smart to stay away from sick people, crowds or inside places with lots of people; and you should also stay away from others if you are sick. Be a decent human-being because what goes around does come around.

6) Your HANDS touch EVERYTHING and COVID-19 may get on your hands if you touch things; thus keep your hands off your face, nose, and mouth, and do wash your hands after your touch things with soap and water for at least 25 seconds or as you sing your favorite chorus at least twice.

7) It is recommended that you wear a mask to protect everyone or even to make others feel better about living around you. People have different views. It is only common courtesy.

9) The mask must cover your nose and nose; and it must fit under your chin.

10) If you only have access to a hand sanitizer and can't wash your hands yet, use it. Rub the hand sanitizer all over your hands. Rub your hands until they feel dry, but washing your hands with soap and water is best.

11) Clean things that are touched often.

12) You're better off ordering things online, so order things online when you can; and get food or medicine delivered when you can.

13) When you wear a mask, keep your hands off the mask.

14) Stay away from your pets and service animals.

15) Avoid public transit or busses, trains, taxis when you can.

16) If you get sick, stay home for a while or for at least 10 days or until you feel much better.

17) As always, when you're sick, you're always advised to take MEDICINE to either alleviate the sickness or help you heal faster or get rid of a bug or build immunity. Side effects exist in early everything. USE YOUR DISCRETION and don't go with online propaganda on vaccines. Think like a rational human-being and decide on a REGRET-FREE APPROACH.

Now, On to Our LorinsPOST-Accountability-Metrics-Centered SOLUTIONS...

Well, the government is the business entity that is running the efforts to come about COVID-19 solutions and thus far it has cause as much confusion as it has created solutions. It has actually been somewhat disappointing to watch to say the least.

But let's use the Accountability Metrics to analyze the government as a business and what it needs to improve on... because as proven above, it is a business... a GIANT BUSINESS, an INSOLVENT BUSINESS, a POORLY RUN and MANAGED BUSINESS, but a powerful and somewhat effective mega-business nonetheless... the goal is to promote improvement as the latter will be better for us all.

LorinsPOST's BEQ Metric #1: Customer Satisfaction Level (CSL)

An organization tends to have both internal and external customers with internal customeors being the different departments of the company, which have to rely on the services that they provide to each other, and external customers being regular customers. The CSL is the the primary objective of knowing how well the organization/function is serving its customers and its trends over time helps the functions that need the most attention.

The government would need to get at least a 6 to get a passing score on this one, and thus far, the government is barely averaging a 3. It is self-evident that the government has been unable to reach a consensus among its made internal actors at the Federal level. Additionally, there are so many factions about all the States in the Union. Infact, the latter has exposed the government's imperfections or lack of ability to collaborate on critical issues. The government must work on LorinsPOST BEQ Metric#1.

LorinsPOST's BEQ Metric #2: Company Productivity Level (EPL)

An organization's EPL measures its actual output per performance unit. It is based solely on the organization's current goal and see how close the actual output comes to the ideal output.

The effectiveness of the vaccine is being questioned every day... misinformation or at least careless and sometimes reckless information delivery is promulgated by both the government and other entities that are confusing the public and producing both pro- and anti- vaccine sentiments. Needless to say, the use of the vaccine has become a source of confusion rather than a solution vehicle. While the government has been trying its best to provide vaccines, it has done a terrible job educating people about them effectively.

LorinsPOST's BEQ Metric #3: Employee Satisfaction Level (EPL)

When employees are not satisfied, attrition rate increases. Attrition hurts both the the top and bottom lines. There is great correlation between an effective corporate culture and a reduced attrition rate. Employee satisfaction surveys can be used to measure how satisfied an organization's employees are with the overall culture of the organization.

Well, it is obvious that a lot of internal and external costumers of the government are not satisfied with its efforts (e.g., senators, governors, corporate entities, average Americans)... thus, the government needs to step up to the plate and provide a clear path to solving this issue that brings everyone's views on the table or else it may end up getting so frustrated that it will have to issue a mandate, which will further fuel confusions and induce further hatred for the government.

LorinsPOST's BEQ Metric #4: Cashflow Level

Cash to an organization is analogous to what blood is the human body and thus cash is one of the most critical aspects of the performance management of an organization. Two important metrics are what we'll call Account Receivable Collection Turn-around Time (ARCTT) and Account Payable Payment Turn-around Time (APPTT). The longer it takes an organization to collect on its account receivables (higher ARCTT) the lower the company's cashflow will be especially especially if its APPTT either remains the same or decreases.

This metric is irrelevant as of now because the government is insolvent with trillions of dollars of indebtedness. Accordingly, its focus has to be solving the current COVID-19 problems and related confusions.

LorinsPOST's BEQ Metric #5: Gross Margin Level (GML)

This metric is also irrelevant as of now because the government is insolvent with trillions of dollars of indebtedness. Accordingly, its focus has to be solving the current COVID-19 problems and related confusions.

Thus, using those five (5) metrics to calculate the US' Business Excellence Quotient (BEQ), we arrived at the the following score:

0/5 = 20% = F

YUP, unfortunately the government is scoring a lousy "F" right now. But as I asserted in French earlier, "Il n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire"... Yup, it is never too late to do the right thing. The government needs to address the above metrics in order to reach a consensus on its COVID-19 solutions. It has to do a better job involving all actors and stakeholders both at all level of society. Otherwise, it will have taken it a long time to reach whichever agenda that it has. As of now, it has appeared to be that of needlessly inducing nothing short of CONFUSION among key members of society at large.

Share this article with your government representatives and friends and hopefully, it will get us all closer to reaching better solutions in order to do our part in solving the COVID-19 problems in the most effective ways. The government is equipped enough, but the question is: IS IT WELL-INTENDED or MOTIVATED enough to brainstorm with the right people to reach a consensus with at least the decision makers that matter the most in reaching a feasible solution.

I have my own personal views about COVID-19 and the vaccine, but I have purposefully kept them out of this article. I was one of the first lucky recipients of COVID-19, thus using my knowledge of medical science, I'm sure I had developed some level immunity to at least some variants of the virus. However, I am not in position to tell people to be anti-vaccine. Please, educate yourself... don't go by online innuendos or political-motivated COVID-19 information or misinformation. It is your life, and you only have one life to live. Go to reputable sources, and use your COMMON SENSE. It has seemed to be becoming less and less common these days. I know that the Internet is vast with so much inept information. As a young engineer who worked on what would become the WORLD WIDE WEB we predicted it all. But, please don't join the COMMON-SENSE-DEFICIENT CLUB!


1. The Government, particularly The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

2. Proven Medical Science or observation-based knowledge about viruses and particularly COVID-19

Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article is sponsored by


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