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PAPAS Matter!

Written in a Rush!

My life has been one of intense training by GOD. So so many hurdles had to be overcome to the point that HURDLES now mean NOTHING TO ME. At 30 my father called me HIS HERO. To be candid, until then, I just wanted my FATHER to be PROUD OF ME. The latter was THE GOAL OF MY LIFE . I became unbreakable from then on. I wanted to prove to him that I was not going to be an American BROKEN BLACK BOY STATISTIC. I can't begin to tell anyone the insurmountable obstacles that I overcame as an AMERICAN IMMIGRANT, BLACK MAN who had to learned what being BLACK meant in America, husband, father, academic etc. 1000 best sellers would have done my journey a dis-service. I can sum it up to ONE THING that the MAN who called me HIS HERO taught me. And that was FAITH. I would constantly ask MY PAPA as a YOUNG BOY, "Will you be able to get this done on time?" or "Will you be able to raise the money for this/that?" and his answer was always... "YES, SON... BY FAITH"... and every time he did get it done. I MISS MY FATHER SO MUCH.

I miss his SMILE, his LAUGHTER, his subtle APPROVAL, his JOKES. Little did he know, every BAD thing that I have ever TRIED NOT TO DO is attributed to his MORAL CHARACTER... his PRIDE... his PRESTIGE and to be a LORINS has been and will always be the HONOR OF MY LIFE. And I will always carry his last name as the BIGGEST CREDENTIAL that a man could have had! I'm still that little boy who is trying to make you PROUD FATHER. And one day, I will be the RICHEST MAN in the WORLD and I will attribute it all to YOUR LOVE and Lessons on FAITH. In the end, ONLY LOVE and FAITH MATTERS, and "great leaders often have to remain behind the scenes to be prepared for tasks that are seemingly insurmountable to others yet readily feasible to them."

We love and never hate. We practice "servant leadership". We forgive and love humanity because if God can do it, so can we! And WOMEN don't chase your Children's Fathers out of their lives. You're doing yourself and society a big dis-service. Even the presence of the FATHER is life-changing. Trust me, I am a FATHER, a Mr. Mom, and and unconditional lover of ALL CHILDREN.

I would give both arms just to see my PAPA laugh again w/o even thinking about it. Thank you for loving me!

Anyhow, we have a MISSION that is INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO MOST! I got the emotional side of me from my PAPA. Now that I have expressed it all, I'm ready to RUMBLE.




Ti Son! (A/K/A Dr. Pete)

PPS I know Papas matter as well when I noticed how two of my besties and business partners interacted with their fathers... ASR and Reed... Parts of my White American Family. I met Reed's Father personally and I knew just why MY REED is such an amazing person and why we had so many synergies. We both had similar fathers and our fathers loved God and helped create our concepts of work ethics and knowledge acquisition. And just like that I knew why he was MY WHITE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER... LOL... Undoubtedly, a great FATHER will live a lifelong impact on any child's moral character, steadfastness, and mental strength. And who knows, that child may end up CHANGING THE WORLD!


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