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Why Is Your Business Struggling?

Let's get right to the point with 3 IMPORTANT TRUISMS:

1) All businesses are not created equal... and neither are all business owners;

2) Confirmation biases blind even the most intelligent entrepreneurs from understanding or realizing the reasons why their business ventures are struggling or not living up to their anticipated/truest potentials... i.e., most of them can't think outside of their business boxes... many of them are often blinded by their own business visions, missions and objectives; and thus an INTERVENTION is needed to induce them to think outside the box;

3) Most companies become successful for reasons that are different than those that they had initially hoped would secure their success (e.g., MARS started out making Snickers bars and M&Ms, but really became successful by acquiring Chappell Brothers, which manufactured 'Chappell canned dog foods'. TODAY, the majority of MARS' business comes NOT from its M&Ms and Snickers candies, but rather from pet brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas. APPLE became successful by quietly acquiring a small low-power processor chip manufacturer named P.A. Semi for $278 million, allowing it to design the cores of its products rather than relying upon INTEL, the well-known processor/CPU chip manufacturer; STARBUCKS purchases a small San Francisco-based music retailer and record label, broadening its in-store offerings beyond food and beverage and cementing its image as a 'lifestyle brand' - a "third place" between home and work; COCA-COLA poured $181 million into a deal to purchase California juice maker Odwalla, which had cultivated an image as a healthier alternative to soft drinks, helping it fill the gap from slipping soda sales.)

HOWEVER -- unlike such ancient and wealthy companies, you may not be able to bring in HIGH-CALIBER experts who may not be able to secure your success yet will cost you "an arm and a leg".

AND -- because your business is UNIQUE, it needs to develop its own IDENTITY, without being blinded by your confirmed biases, and thus it needs to be opened to GROWTH... and 95% of entrepreneurs CAN'T DO SO ALONE, and thus require the help of BUSINESS INTERVENTIONISTS and those that don't get such help are likely to fail in 5 years or less.

UNFORTUNATELY, most business consultancy firms are NOT PROFIT-CENTRIC. They are often run by BUSINESS SCHOOL GRADUATES that apply a one-size-fits-all approach to arriving to business efficiency and profitability. But as mentioned above, your business is UNIQUE and required UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED solutions to calibrate it to get to the right level of success via wise and research-backed decision making that keep profitability, efficiency and high-morale in mind.

MSBN's BIZIE Profit Team is a unique team that uses highly-intelligent BUSINESS INTERVENTION TECHNIQUES that focus on doing the following:

a) Discovering and optimizing your true brand/identity;

b) Minimizing your in-the-box induced confirmed biases;

c) Figuring out the best avenues to expand your business' vision via planned changes and/or strategic acquisitions.

Don't waste your time with entities that don't have the combined REAL-LIFE KNOW-HOW to ZOOM INTO YOUR MAIN BUSINESS ISSUES. The BIZIE PROFIT TEAM will surgically analyze the above steps via an assessment-based online Zoom session. Subsequently, they will provide you with iterative steps that will secure your business' growth and success.

This article has been sponsored by the MSBN BIZIE Profit Team, which is always excited to INTERVENE into your business affairs in order to use its 50 plus years of combined experience to induce business to surpass their business goals the first time around. This article has been edited by Dr. Pete Lorins. He was inspired to write this article after helping many struggling businesses thrive. Some where pretty much RESUSCITATED! Let us know if we can be of help to you. Our INITIAL ASSESSMENTS are FREE OF CHARGE. Please stay POSITIVE and DRIVEN!


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