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Is Our Union's State Still Perfectible?

America, as a young and thus youthfully exuberant nation, is at a crossroad. There has never been such a sense of heightened division and quite often even hatred and disdain among individuals in the same and different political parties. Many of us have become political and legal American terrorists, whose intent is not to perfect the Union, but rather destroy their rivals by any means necessary, particularly via "cancel culture and lawfare."

As a proud American by choice (i.e., naturalized American) who has studied the framework of this country's constitution both in undergraduate school and law school, it behooved me to analyze America's current issues in the context of the intent of the Founding Founders to use the Federalist papers as a foundation to arrive to a "checks-and-balances-system-based-U.S.-Constitution" which was purposefully amendable. And thus its ensuing amendments were to further assure our freedoms (e.g., speech/expression, press, assembly, and religion) and its penumbral rights assured other fundamental rights such as that of privacy, and to equal protection pursuant to our laws. Thus, laws that abridge such rights are strictly scrutinized to ensure that there is a very valid reason to take such rights away.

As a young nation, in its early days and even modernly America has struggled with its ideals, which did not always match its practices. And even after it abolished slavery and accorded civil rights to former Black slaves and to White women, there were still laws and practices that discriminated against both Blacks and White women. And their remnants are felt until today. The end of slavery induced the beginning of the industrial revolution to replace the free labor that the Black slaves provided. And Blacks were persecuted under Jim Crow laws, particularly in Southern states.

It can be argued that like a teenager going through puberty, America and Americans had to be reminded of America's amazing ideals... that "all men/women are created equal and are endowed by God with certain inalienable (innate) rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." At first it was not clear that ALL MEN/WOMEN included Blacks which were previously considered to be a fraction of a White person (i.e., a chattel or personal possession.) Blacks had to fight for Civil rights. Moreover, women had to fight for Women's rights to vote, to acquire property and to get the same jobs that men got effortlessly and even until today women, gays and Blacks (or other minorities) are still fighting for an equal share of the pie.

YET - LATELY, MANY AMERICANS have become simply DISAGREEABLE, DISRESPECTUFUL & HATE-FILLED to the point that they have even resorted to legal warfare towards each other. Let us not forget that many American leaders used to be assassinated and thus modernly, Americans have resorted to a different form of destruction, namely cancel culture and legal warfare. Many have resorted to tactics to induce their competitors to lose their political careers and livelihoods just because of disagreements on philosophical reasonings.


There is a need for civil or respectful dialogue or discourse... a need to prevent the temptation of being hate-filled and disagreeable and that can only happen by putting the ideals of approaching a "MORE PERFECT UNON" first.

To do so, there are foundational principles of the framework of the U.S. Constitution that all Americans who love America simply cannot differ on. However, if reasonable minds can differ on others, we should do so without being disagreeable. When we seek out to destroy leaders that a lot of Americans love politically or legally, we are also destroying the fabric of America by creating more discord or division and "A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND."

There is still a chance to salvage the state of the UNION, but the old guards (e.g., the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes) have to step aside and stop conspiring against the new guards, no matter how insulting they sound. And the new guards cannot focus on revenge no matter how attractive it seems. No sides should use this country's rule of law as a tool to persecute each other particularly during an election cycle because even if there is merit behind it all, there will still be an "appearance of impropriety" and the intent will have still be deemed suspect at best.

Putting America/Americans and proven American ideals first is the only way to become grounded again. Minimizing our egos, insecurities, and biases and focusing on consequential and America-first dialogues that are based on philosophical reasoning comparisons on a "steel sharpens steel" basis with the sole object of MAKING OUR UNION MORE PERFECT is the best way to prove that you care about America and Americans.

In the end, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and by DESTROYING EACH OTHER we are DESTROYING our beloved AMERICA and in so doing, we are not that different from actual non-American terrorists whose sole intent is to destroy America. Either our ancestors or ourselves fled nations that were deprived of ideals like that of America. It behooves us not to turn America into the very nations from which either our ancestors or ourselves ran away.

Many of our next articles, videos and shows will focus on this foundational article. STAY TUNED!

This article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins and sponsored by


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